API Calls Log

API Calls Log

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API Calls Log
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Settings > Monitor > API Calls Log

The API Calls Log tracks the number and type of API calls for each Tenant on a daily schedule. The API Call Log data is used to bill Tenants based on usage.


API Calls Log

The API Call Log includes these fields:

  • Date Created
  • Number of API Calls
  • Add
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Get
  • Search
  • Mobile

Additional information:

  • A log of the time (in ms) is also included for each call
  • Average Add Response Time
  • Average Delete Response Time
  • Average Get Response Time
  • Average Response Time
  • Average Search Response Time
  • Average Update Response Time
  • Average time for each call and total weighted average for all the calls

API Calls - Considerations

  • API Calls are reported daily
  • API Calls are logged and available for review within 1 hour (60 minutes)
  • Calls are logged in the Pacific Time Zone.
    So calls for a Customer in the European Time Zone could have a time that is shown as occurring the previous day, depending on when it was made. For example, London is 8 hours ahead of the Pacific Time Zone, so API calls are logged with a time 8 hours later. Calls made on March 13th, from 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM are logged with a date of March 12th. Calls from 8 AM to midnight are logged the same day.
  • API Calls are logged from platform elements: Classes, Page, Sites, REST API
  • Each API Call (Add, Update, Delete, Get and Search) is logged
  • A log entry is made for each call, regardless of status (success or failure)
  • When a Web Form submits a record to the platform, it counts as one ADD call.
  • The count for the SearchRecords API depends on the number of records fetched.
  • Every 25 records counts as one search call.
  • A return of 0 records counts as one search call.
  • Group Actions like Mass operations are not considered as API Calls.
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