File a Support Case

File a Support Case

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File a Support Case
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If you have a question or issue regarding the platform, File a Support Case to get answers:

To submit a Support Case:

  1. From any page, click the Support link
  2. Click the [Add Case] button
  3. In the Basic Information section, complete the following information:
    Enter a description of the issue
    Contact Phone No.
    A telephone number where you can be reached
    Case Type
    The type of case you would like to submit; Choose one of the options in the list
    • Issue – If there is an error or inaccurate content
    • Change Request – A change you would like to see in our documentation
    • Feature Request – A change you would like to see in the user interface or functionality
    • Question – Any question you have about the documentation or instructions in the user interface, ask about training, request a demo, add users, or share your experience.
  4. In the Description section, complete the following information:
    Enter a Description of the problem, issue, feature request, or question (based on the Case Type you selected)
  5. Optionally, attach a file to the record:
    Click the [Choose File] button to open a window to your local disk drive; Navigate to the file folder and select a file to attach to the case, and enter a descriptive title for the file
  6. Optionally, complete the information in the Notifications section:
    To notify other members of your team about your support case, click the Lookup File:lookupicon.gif icon to select Additional Users to Notify
  7. Click [Save] to submit the case


After filing a support case, these actions become available:

  • [Add Comment] - Add additional comments about the case to assist the Support Team in resolving the issue
  • [Close Case] - When the issue or question is resolved, the case should be closed.
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