HowTo:Create, Test, and Run an Email Campaign

HowTo:Create, Test, and Run an Email Campaign

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HowTo:Create, Test, and Run an Email Campaign
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For:   Users
Level: Advanced
Time: 15 minutes

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What You Need

Learn more: Campaigns

Create a Campaign

To create an email campaign, you merge a list of contacts (from a List, View, or Report) with an Email Template.

The template can be added during the creation of the campaign itself, or you can use a template built previously and saved on the system.

To create an email campaign:

  1. From the Campaigns object, click the [New Campaign] button
  2. Specify the Campaign Settings
  3. Click [Save]

Test Your Campaign

Once you are ready to send out your campaign, you are required to test your message before you send it out en masse. A test message must always be sent.

To Test a Campaign:

  1. From the Campaigns object, open an existing campaign
  2. Click the [Send Test Email] button to send a test email. The Send Test email popup window will open.
  3. Your Email Address is automatically populated. Optionally, change the email address. Click the Send button to send a test email to that email address.
    • If both HTML and plain text messages are selected, two email messages will be sent
  4. From your email client, open the email message and check that all content is displayed as expected. Check each image and text link to assure proper functionality. If any problems are found, correct and resend the test email.

Note: In order for a test email to be successful, your company information must include your full mail address for verification. To add or confirm that your mailing address is available, go to Company Information.

Start the Campaign

Note about Scheduled Campaigns: After a successful test, scheduled campaigns are added to the job queue on the scheduled date and time. No further action is required.

To start a campaign and run it immediately, complete the following information:

  1. From the Campaigns object, open an existing campaign
  2. Click the [Start Campaign] button to start the campaign immediately and add it to the job queue
    • The time of delivery depends on the server load

You will be directed to the Campaign view screen for your campaign.

Congratulations! You have followed the steps required to create a campaign. At this point, the system will work with the email delivery provider VerticalResponse to deliver your emails. You can monitor progress from the Campaigns tab. For example, see the Advanced Marketing Reports section in the campaign page.

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