HowTo:Create an Object

HowTo:Create an Object

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HowTo:Create an Object
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For:   Designers
Level: Beginner
Time: 2 minutes

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1. Click Designer > Objects
2. Click the [New Object] button.
Two tabs appear, giving you the option to create an object by importing data from a spreadsheet, or by using the object-construction wizard.
3 Choose your object-construction method:
Create By Import
Paste data copied from a spreadsheet, or import it from a file:
  • The wizard identifies the number of columns of data, and gives you an opportunity to specify the Field Display Type for each column
  • An Object is created from the data. You can then modify the object however you like.
Create Using Wizard
Define as many Objects as you need and specify the Relationships between them.

Learn more: Edit an Object

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