Tools and APIs

Tools and APIs

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Tools and APIs
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Tools and APIs give programmers the ability to extend platform functionality.

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Programming Tools

Eclipse Plug-In

Use the Eclipse Plug-In to develop Classes, Components, and Pages.

Unit Test Framework

Use the Unit Test Framework to automate testing of methods.

Web Page Tools


Use JavaScript to manage user interactions in your web pages. Within JavaScript, use AJAX and REST to interact with the server.


Create JAVA Server Pages to customize the user experience. Use the Java APIs to interact with the server on those pages.


Create your own Components to enhance user interactions on your web pages.


Java API

The Java API provides calls to interact with application objects. The calls provided in the Java Library can be executed through Classes, Functions, Workflows, Data Policies and the AJAX API.


The REST API lets you interact with the platform sending and receiving either XML or JSON data.


AJAX and REST can also be used in to interact with the platform from an HTML page.

Third Party Services

Third Party Services APIs can be used to integrate with third party services, including AT&T services.
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