Version 10.2 Platform

Version 10.2 Platform

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Version 10.2 Platform
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2 Aug 2014

Increased Security for Scheduled Reports

A user with Manage Global Views/Reports permission can modify any of the scheduled reports. Users without that permission can view any of the scheduled reports, but can modify only those that they have created.
Learn more: Scheduled Reports

Deprecated Master-Detail option

The option to specify a "Master-Detail Relationship" when creating a Lookup field has been phased out. (For equivalent functionality, use Rollup Summary Fields.)
Learn more: Master-Detail relationship

28 June 2014

Generate Word and PowerPoint Files using Java API

In addition to generating documents from HTML and JSP templates, the Java API can be used to generate Word documents and PowerPoint files.
Learn more: Java API:Email and Document Management#generateDocument

2 June 2014


Package-providers: Republish your packages at the earliest opportunity.

A new feature added in this release lets you control the location of the Reports tab. Currently installed applications are not affected, but since the setting for that feature is not part of previously published packages, new installations will not have a Reports tab. Republishing the package prevents that problem. (As an alternative, users of the installed package can use the Resource Sharing feature to bring it back.)

Community Marketplace Enhancements

A new button allows you to determine exactly when a package is submitted. An existing catalog entry remains unchanged until a new version is submitted and approved. Once approved, the new version replaces the old. That arrangement has two significant benefits. First, it allows developers to publish a new package version for testing or backup, and save catalog information for that version, without affecting the existing catalog entry. Second, it means that the package contents and descriptive information provided for it are always exactly what the Service Provider approved.
Learn more:

Group Report Records by Quarter

Report grouping options include the ability to group records by quarter.
Learn more: Report Group#Date Groupings

Control the Display of the Reports Tab

The Reports tab can now be hidden, and the location in which it appears can be specified.
Learn more:
Because this is a new feature, the option setting is not present in existing packages. Although existing installations are not affected, new installations will not see the Reports tab. To prevent that problem, all existing packages should be republished, so they contain the new settings. (As an alternative, users of the installed package can use the Resource Sharing feature to bring it back.)

Turn Off Notifications when Creating a Task

When using a Data Policy to create a task, it is possible to turn off the notification email that gets sent to the task owner, by default. That feature is useful for tasks that are created every day, for example, because users already know to check their queue.
Learn more: Data Policies#Create Task
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